Why Gretna Green is still popular today for getting married

Since the age of consent for marriage without parental approval was changed, there is little reason for eloping to Gretna Green these days.

When the age of marriage without consent was twenty one in the rest of Britain and only twelve in Scotland, it was obviously a very useful place to have just over the border. Sadly today, marriage is not the institution it once was, so if parents don’t approve it is really not such a big step to simply live together until their consent isn’t needed.

Despite all this, Gretna Green is still an amazingly popular venue for people from all over the world. This is largely because the blacksmith’s forge at Gretna Green has such a very romantic sound to it that it really is the ultimate in romance to get married here.

There are Gretna Green wannabes all over the world, but for the real romance, it has to be the original and the best.

Getting married away from where the couple lives is becoming more and more popular and often the family and friends come along and have a holiday wherever the marriage is taking place.

Some cruise lines have a very interesting sideline in weddings, with some of the longer cruises having as many as three or four a day, resulting in most of the passengers being there for the wedding and not the cruise.

Weddings on the beach, weddings under water, weddings in hot air balloons are all becoming relatively commonplace but even so a wedding at Gretna Green is still most likely to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

A Gretna Green wedding is certainly one which everyone will remember as well, so you can expect anniversary cards to be arriving for years and years to come.

To do it properly, the couple should really sneak off to Gretna Green, leaving a note behind. If the groom can manage to get a ladder up to the bride’s bedroom window and whisk her off that way, so much the more romantic.

With no residency requirement these days and special licenses easier to come by, you can still ‘elope’ to Gretna Green, but most couples do tend to plan rather more in advance these days and so even if they are ‘eloping’ there is not usually quite so much of the cloak and dagger behavior as there used to be.

Weddings are big business at Gretna Green now and there are plenty of hotels to choose from if you want to have a honeymoon there as well, but how fabulous it would be to just pop up to Gretna for the weekend and turn up at work on Monday as usual and just drop it into the conversation that you eloped on Saturday and got married at Gretna Green.

All the people who nearly went mad planning a great big wedding will be so jealous that you had the most romantic wedding in the world with next to no fuss and bother.

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