Wedding Ring Tradition

The tradition of wedding rings dates back so far that one can not even imagine. Primitively, men and women used to exchange rings so that they could not escape from each other. Many people however, believe that tradition of wearing a wedding ring has originated from Egypt and symbolizes that a lady endows all wealth owned by her husband.

Since 17th century, wearing a wedding ring has become a tradition which is mandatorily followed by all during their sacred wedding occasion. Traditionally, rings made with steel, iron, copper, brass, rush, leather and silver were exchanged between partners as a symbol of their married life.

With change of time however, there are new designer creations in souk made with gold, platinum, white gold and more other precious metals which are purchased by people these days. Such pieces are further instilled with beautiful gems and stones so that their aesthetic beauty can be accentuated uniquely.

Such rings are worn by both bride and groom in presence of witnesses and other public so as to declare that they have themselves agreed to be each other’s partner throughout their lives.

The tradition of wedding rings is associated with ample numbers of beliefs. One such faith is wearing this ring only in ring finger. Unless a ring is not worn in ring finger, it is not considered a ‘wedding ring’.

nother belief which is related to it is its fit. It is believed, that correctness of fit on finger for which it has been fashioned personifies the harmony with which the married couple gets compatible with each other. Finally, since the ring is circular in shape, so it is believed to be symbol of endless love and forever bond of marriage which is shared between couple with due honesty, purity and affection.

There are multiple reasons also which support why the third finger of left hand is given the honor to be accentuated with this ring. While many believe that there is a vein named ‘vena amoris’ which directly connects hand with heart, others have a faith that this finger is sacred and pure.

Some people wear these rings as matter of fashion only, while to others it means ‘gift of life’ forever. No matter what the reason is, the tradition of wedding rings is endless and supposed to be followed by all who are in true love.

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