Tips on cleaning your jewellery

Cleaning your jewellery is not often thought about but it is an important part of looking after your items to help them last.

Silver jewellery is very likely to tarnish which is caused when the silver oxidizes with air or the acids and chemicals in skin.

Most noticeable in chains or rings made with silver, you also can see it sometimes with 9ct gold pieces.

This is because 9ct gold has nine parts out of twenty-four being pure gold the rest is alloys which cause the tarnishing.

There are however few things you can do to stop the chances of your jewellery tarnishing.

One way is to stop your jewellery from coming into contact with cosmetics and perfume. This is particularly important for necklaces and bracelets that are more at risk due to where they sit on the body. Always put your jewellery on last when you are ready to go out.

Also avoiding wearing your jewellery to the swimming pool to stop contamination from chlorine.

Clean your jewellery in warm, mildly soapy water then dry using a soft cloth. Once dry it is best to rub the jewellery using a professional polishing cloth to remove the tarnish.

Sometimes jewellery is beyond cleaning with soapy water and a polishing cloth. In instances such as these, jewellery can benefit from a silver or gold dip solution.

Do not dip any piece of jewellery that has pearls, as the damp will rot the threads.


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