Scottish Weddings

It's no wonder why so many couples fly thousands of miles to tie the knot in this romantic country; in Scotland you can have your dream wedding anywhere you choose.

The place exudes romance, nostalgia and drama that it sets the perfect backdrop of a beautiful wedding.

Even religious marriages in Scotland are not restricted in terms of location, as long as there is a permit to conduct the marriage it can be held anywhere the couple decides on.

There are a number of famous venues and settings couples can choose from.

You can choose from Glasgow weddings to Edinburgh weddings both of which are set in the heart of the city with picturesque backdrop of the River Clyde or the Edinburgh Castle.

There are also state homes and castle you can rent out as your venue for a royal setting, with over 300 castles to choose from. Some of these castle offer full service including accommodations to make your experience truly grand.

And for those who are dreaming of a truly authentic Scottish wedding, those who are traditional or just plain curious, you can create your own Celtic wedding with plenty of suppliers to choose from to help you create the traditional Scottish wedding. The possibilities are endless in Scotland.

But the place is not the only reason people get married in Scotland; it is common knowledge that Scotland has very lenient laws regarding marriages.

First of all while in most countries the marrying age is 18 years, in Scotland couples can marry at the age of 16 as this is considered a legal age.

Marriage in Scotland requires no parents' consent and so it is very convenient for eloping couples or couples who are looking for a really private wedding ceremony.

Both parties who intend to marry are required to file separate marriage notice to the registrar where they intend to marry. While it is very easy to get married in this country you need to provide the necessary papers to facilitate the ceremony.

Or you can pay someone to do it for you however you still need to provide the personal details. In any case, as long as you have all the documents, you can schedule your date and have the marriage vows.

For foreigners who wish to marry in Scotland you need a visa to be married there, it will be required of you.

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