Buying a Wedding Ring

When looking for a wedding ring classic or diamond set, it’s easy to be swayed by emotions and idealised examples from films. Under such self-imposed pressures, you might end up with wedding rings that aren’t right for you. Before you go looking for your wedding rings read these ideas on how to buy a wedding ring that fits your budget, style, and taste.

Generally, wedding rings should account for 10% of your wedding budget. So, a £15,000.00 budget means that the two of you might spend about £1,500.00 on both rings.

Don’t forget in 10 years time that your wedding rings will be the only items still in use every day so quality should not be compromised.

Your wedding presents such as toasters and towels will be worn out or broken, the wedding dress will be in a cupboard never to be seen again and the photographs will be in an album in some unopened drawer.

However every day you will look at your wedding rings, so if you bought cheap light ones they may have to be changed, and you will loose the one item that your spouse placed on your finger the moment you became married.

If you feel you don’t have the money for quality rings then prioritise. As yourself this question, do you want your guests to have that extra expensive meal which they will have eaten and forgotten in 2 days or do you want a larger budget for your wedding rings which will still be with you in 10 years time.

Not all men wear wedding rings, and the decision is one that many couples disagree on. He may not be used to wearing a ring, but to not wear a ring might be sending the wrong signal. Either way, this is a conversation you want to have before you go to the jewellers rather than having a heated discussion in the shop.

Do you want a really classic wedding ring like a simple gold or platinum band, or a diamond set wedding ring, or a designer style.

The effect of matching wedding rings helps to show the eternity of your bond together. But if your taste runs to simple and streamlined, while he likes more ornate and detailed rings, it may be better to not worry about matching.


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