Welcome to Cumbrian Designs, I am Richard Harris a goldsmith designer working from my studio workshops in Cumbria, England. Home of the beautiful Lake District and historic Hadrians Wall.

My career started over 25 years ago in my local family business after gaining a Jewellery degree and gemstone diploma.

For many years I ran a jewellery retail shop but I was never able to devote enough time in the workshops to my own designs with the day to day duties of the business.

Having started my original website in 1998 after a number of years I finally made the decision to only make my own jewellery and become a totally online company.

Today I specialize in wedding bands and engagement rings inspired by the lakes, fells and coastline that is so close by. My work is made from gold, platinum, silver and precious gemstones.

I am very fortunate to have a career I love where I design, make and sell jewellery around the world. It also keeps me sane after clearing all the mess up that my two teenage children are always making.

If you want to follow my latest ideas visit my 
Instagram or Facebook pages and If you have any questions or would like to add your ideas to a specific design, please call me. 

You can also visit by appointment at my workshops. Just 
email or telephone 01228 526554 Monday to Friday 9AM to 4PM.

Richard Harris Jeweller