Pebble Beach 18ct yellow gold wedding bands.

Pebble Beach design with textured outside and matt brushed inside finish.

This band is available in yellow and white gold, platinum and silver. I make this from 2mm to 8mm widths

This wedding band is made in my own workshop and is not available from a high street jeweller.

A design for an individual or couple looking for something unique. Inspired from the pebble beach at St Bees head in Cumbria.

Water Reeds handmade wedding ring design

Water Reeds wedding band with an oxidised textured and matt finish.

I made this band from a 8mm wide silver flat band. The idea came from seeing the water reeds you can see on Lake Windermere in Cumbria.

Each one is made with a unique pattern handstruck on every ring so no one will look the same.

The wedding ring is made to order and you can order it from any of my shops. I was very pleased with the photos of the band which gives a very realistic view of what the ring looks like.

Sunrise View wedding ring

Sunrise View wedding band with a rustic finish and matt brushed inside. Made from 22ct gold and silver.

This ring is 8mm wide but also comes in other widths from 4mm to 6mm.

I was making this at the start of the day, and it remined me of the sun as it rose over the Lake District peaks. I can see them through my window and it seemed an appropriate name for the wedding band.

So here are the photos of the new wedding band.