New Year, new wedding ring designs

I have had pretty good success with a number of my new designs I introduced last year. Here are a few of my favourite wedding ring styles I made.

Rustic Earth was fun to do and was well received although the number of rings written off in the testing stage was a bit daunting until I had it just right.







Water Ripples came in spring and was inspired by the pond I have at home. Very popular in platinum many brides are wearing one now.







Rustic Black and Gold was my way out new design for the year and was a big hit in the States and Australia. A devil to make but very satisfying in the end.







The latest design Snow Track that I just finished is showing a lot of promise and I have high hopes with it for this year.







There was a number of other wedding ring new styles I brought out and amazingly all sold but the ones above stand out in my mind.

I am now working on a few new ideas for this year and continuing to make my new range of raw engagement rings which seem to go as soon as I make them.







So back to the workshop and see what I design I am going to do next, but first I need my cup of tea.