White Gold Wedding Ring Sets

I am starting to add some wedding ring sets for the New Year. Lots or people have been asking me if one wedding ring or another has a matching partner.

So I am going to start off with some classic designs and add some of the newer designer styles in the next few months.

To do this I have started a new photo shoot showing the two rings together. Here is the set for an 18ct pair of court polished wedding bands.

They were shot on a black background which looks very effective.

You can now buy these rings on my Gretna Green website.

white-court-set-polished-4mm-6mm-1 white-court-set-polished-4mm-6mm-2 white-court-set-polished-4mm-6mm-3 white-court-set-polished-4mm-6mm-4 white-court-set-polished-4mm-6mm-box