Lunar Rustic Matt silver wedding band

For the past few months I have been buried under orders for Gretna Green and Scottish Thistle wedding bands but have a lot of new designs I want to get on with.

One in particular that keeps coming up is a heavy rustic style. So after a few attempts of melted bands and burnt sore fingers here is the silver version.

I called it Lunar Rustic as it reminds me of the moon surface. Well that’s what I think you may have other ideas.

It has been given it a torched matt colour finish but I am working on a polished one that seems just as good.

I may photo that one soon and put it on here.

The band is made from 6mm flat wire which gives a good chunky feel. It may look even better as an 8mm but I will see how this one goes firs before I go down that road.

So what do you think. If you have any suggestion I will be happy to hear from you. Or if you know someone getting married send them this link.

You can find the band for sale on my RH wedding ring section.

Photos turned out pretty good a swell, see below.

RH-luna-white-matt-flat-6mm-3 RH-luna-white-matt-flat-6mm-4 RH-luna-white-matt-flat-6mm-box

Rustic Black and Gold new design wedding ring

Working on a new range of wedding rings over the past week.  I know what I was after but it took a few attempts to get there.

Too much heat was the first problem as a few bands melted rather than just giving a molten surface.

Tried differed types of gold but it need the 22ct to get the rich colour right. I think this should be popular with someone wanting a band to stand out.

I originally thought of diamond set and I still may go down that road but for the moment I am going to start with the all classic version.

So I have finally finished the photos and put it on my shop sites. For full details of the Rustic Black and Gold range use the link.

And here are the photos, hope you like them.

rh-ring-rustic-black-gold-court-6mm-3 rh-ring-rustic-black-gold-court-6mm-box rh-ring-rustic-black-gold-court-6mm-hand

Getting the colour right for Gems

Looking at some coloured gemstones for a new range of engagement rings I am working on.

I now realise it is going to take longer than I thought as the tones will have to enhance the settings.

If you have a deep coloured gemstome it may be too dark for the metal around it, i.e. my Cinder Toffee wedding ring range.

The stone is the main feature but the ring is the whole item and they both have to compliment each other or the design aspect will not work.

So back to looking out some more stones before I start making the ring.

gemstones for cumbrian designs

Red Gold wedding bands

Red gold wedding bands with a matt finish. Red gold is very popular at the moment so I have produced a range in matt with polished sides.

Basic rings are 3mm or 4mm wide but can be custom made up to 8mm.

If you are interested call me.

RHWR-CT-3mm-Matt-polished-sides-red-1 RHWR-CT-3mm-Matt-polished-sides-red-2 RHWR-CT-3mm-Matt-polished-sides-red-3 RHWR-CT-3mm-Matt-polished-sides-red-4 RHWR-CT-3mm-Matt-polished-sides-red-box