New rough diamond solitaire engagement bands

Wedding band season is on us again and I am stupidly busy in the workshop with lots of couples wanting handmade wedding rings.

However I am always getting asked about engagement bands since I introduced my range last year.

So here are two I have just made with hopefully some more to follow. I also have a beautiful raw 6.1ct Tanzanite in but I am still thinking what to do with that stone.

Hope you like the photos. If you want to see more if the rings visit here.

Thanks Richard.

New Year, new wedding ring designs

I have had pretty good success with a number of my new designs I introduced last year. Here are a few of my favourite wedding ring styles I made.

Rustic Earth was fun to do and was well received although the number of rings written off in the testing stage was a bit daunting until I had it just right.







Water Ripples came in spring and was inspired by the pond I have at home. Very popular in platinum many brides are wearing one now.







Rustic Black and Gold was my way out new design for the year and was a big hit in the States and Australia. A devil to make but very satisfying in the end.







The latest design Snow Track that I just finished is showing a lot of promise and I have high hopes with it for this year.







There was a number of other wedding ring new styles I brought out and amazingly all sold but the ones above stand out in my mind.

I am now working on a few new ideas for this year and continuing to make my new range of raw engagement rings which seem to go as soon as I make them.







So back to the workshop and see what I design I am going to do next, but first I need my cup of tea.

White Gold Wedding Ring Sets

I am starting to add some wedding ring sets for the New Year. Lots or people have been asking me if one wedding ring or another has a matching partner.

So I am going to start off with some classic designs and add some of the newer designer styles in the next few months.

To do this I have started a new photo shoot showing the two rings together. Here is the set for an 18ct pair of court polished wedding bands.

They were shot on a black background which looks very effective.

You can now buy these rings on my Gretna Green website.

white-court-set-polished-4mm-6mm-1 white-court-set-polished-4mm-6mm-2 white-court-set-polished-4mm-6mm-3 white-court-set-polished-4mm-6mm-4 white-court-set-polished-4mm-6mm-box

Blue Stalagtite quartz necklace

I am always on the look out for something a little different. Here is some blue quartz Stalagmites that have been cut and polished.

They are about 2.5cm in diameter and I have had them drilled so I can hang them as necklaces  .

The chains are silver and around 18 inches long.

Something to brighten the winter months.

Mens black rustic pendants on leather cords

So it`s getting close to christmas season again, where did the year go. For me it has been the fastest year ever with finishing my retail shop in January and becoming a pure internet business.

I have always wanted to do this for years and I now have the time to get back to the workshops to make my own designs.

Here is some new ones made this week. I have been so busy with engagement and wedding bands I thought I would take a break and make some pendants. You can only set so many diamonds in the same week before you go cross eyed.

See the pendants here. Hope you like them, Richard.

lunar-rustic-black-gold-3dot-pendant-2 ripple-wave-black-pendant-box rustic-black-gold-pendant1-1

Rustic Earth Gold and Silver wedding band

Here is my latest wedding ring design. I think it has worked out really well. made from silver the band is carved and filed with a section of 22ct gold added to the head.

Great as a man’s wedding ring although I will do any width from 3mm to 8mm to create a matching set for a couple.

Here are the photos. You can see and buy the band here – Rustic Earth
rustic-earth-6mm-1 rustic-earth-6mm-2 rustic-earth-6mm-3 rustic-earth-6mm-4 rustic-earth-6mm-hand

Irish Shamrock Wedding Band

For those wanting an Irish theme wedding band  but on a more classic style I have an Irish Shamrock ring.

Made in either gold, silver and platinum it coes in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm widths.

Making these types of rings is usually around three to four weeks and you can see or order them here – Irish Shamrock Rings

Hope you like them.

GGSRW4mm-1 GGSRW4mm-2 GGSRW4mm-3 GGSRW4mm-4 GGSRW4mm-box

Rose Gold Cinder Toffee rings

I have been making some more Cinder Toffee wedding rings wedding rings this week in rose gold.

This is a popular one with me with the rich copper colour being brought to the surface.

The reddish burnt effect is very striking and should give the couple an interesting talking point on at their wedding.

What is your favourite metal for wedding rings. White has been very popular for many years but yellow seems to be making a comeback.

wr-red-cinder-court-3mm-1 wr-red-cinder-court-3mm-2 wr-red-cinder-court-3mm-3 wr-red-cinder-court-3mm-4 wr-red-cinder-court-3mm-box